22" Tape Extensions - Color 18/22
22" Tape Extensions - Color 18/22

22" Tape Extensions - Color 18/22

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 Information about Tape Extensions:

* 20 strips in each pack

* 50 grams per pack

* Durable tape that is long-lasting and doesn't shed

Large variety of lengths and colors

Only natural original donor-hair collected from Russia

Hair can be dyed and curled

Super soft, smooth and silky quality

Brijón is committed to providing consistently high quality 100% Remy Human Hair extensions.  Brijón's superior hair quality, coupled with state of the art non-damaging, hypoallergenic, adhesive tape results in discreet, comfortable, lightweight hair extensions that blend flawlessly with natural hair.
Brijón's TapeXtension™ System is ideal for adding volume, length and color quickly, without the harmful effects of heat or chemicals. Stylists around the globe are offering Brijón Hair Extensions and professional Hair Care products that are revolutionizing client choices, experience and satisfaction!
  • We use only hair with their natural protective cuticle layer intact. This  guarantees hair smoothness and shine.
  • We use only 100% Remy hair.
  • We don't use any chemicals to make hair curly or wavy.
  • On average, our prices are 40-50% lower than those of our competitors who offer similar quality products.
  • You can use hair for about nine months.
  • Hair is offered in 40+ colors. 
  • We use original hair in each pack (20 strips).
  • The average weight is 50 grams of hair.
  • This is 20% more hair than our leading competitors.



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